The experience then remembers the helpful Varrock Librarian and heads there to OSRS Soul Wars Zeal Tokens speak to him. I am looking for a book call Fairy Tales, have you heard of it? Hmmm, I once heard a desert person talking about that book once, it was ages ago, but if you find him, he may be able to provide help. Along with his name?

The Adventurer then heads to the bedabin camp where he recalls beginning the Desert Trasure Quest. Well, I am not, I was wondering have you ever heard of a book named Fairy Tales? Oh yes, I had it not long ago, but I needed to sell it so as to purchase water. Who would you sell it to. Ali Morison. I was afraid you would say that

Would you be intersted in purchasing anything? Choice 1: Option 2: NoOption 3: I do not understand. Option 3 outcomes: Exactly what are you looking for? A publication named Fairy Tales. If I had know you desired it Adventurer I wouldn't have sold it to that mysterious old guy. Mysterious Old guy? Yes, an odd fellow who seemingly has a likeing for novels, and strange things he sees all over runescape. I believe he lives in Draynor

Oh Bogget, I seem to have lost my pet dragon. You pet. . .what? My pet dragon, he was only here a minute ago. . .can you find him for me? That book. . .oh yes I have it somewhere, I will deffinity let you have a glimpse at it if you find my pet dragon. Option 1: Quite well Choice 2: No Way! Due my lad, last time I saw him that he had been sniffing from the bookcases.

Search bookcases to find snow, utilize snow WOM. Your pet dragon is called Spot?? Oh never mind that, the Snow Queen? Yes she resides deep in the mountains nearby Trollheim, she was so jealous that I have high enough summoning to have a pet monster, I should known she would come and steal him. I guess I'll get going to OSRS Nightmare Zone Points trollheim to locate Spot.