Minigames bring a good deal of fun to RuneScape players everywhere, so it is natural that RS gold a lot more fun and more exciting minigames will be released, or any little challenge that will tax your battle abilities to the max. However, what if there were a minigame that did ? A minigame that required you to think, strategize, while at the exact same time testing your ability to battle a high level monster, or multiple, tough lower level ones. So my minigame thought is just this:

The entrance to this minigame can be found near the Carnillean Mansion, south of East Ardougne Castle. Just south of their home can be seen a small shack, and within this small shack are two ground portals: A small one and a large one. If you would like to go into the single-player game, enter the small portal site. If you wish to enter the group minigame, you and your buddies must enter the large one. Details will be explained in the future.

A decent weapon,"Sleek" armor (described later), a bow and at least 1 port (you may want more if you are a lower ranged and attack level), a rope if you want to save just a little time, energy weight or restoring decreasing items will be an advantage. 60 Attack and Defense, 40 Range, a high agility Will Surely be an advantage

Enter the small portal with all the essential items, and you'll be teleported to a tent outside a house similar to the one in Rat Catchers. In the tent is a source table, supplying bandages and rope. The objective is to break in the home without the Hostage Guards noticing you, find the Royal Hostage (Price, Princess, Captain or Adviser), kill the enemy carrying the hostage nicely... hostage, and escape without the Hostage Guards (level-35) beating you too badly.

Group Hostage Saving If you want to have a team help you, catch a Recruitment Scroll and like in Barbarian Assault, gather 3 buddies. Then you'll be able to input the huge portal. You'll end up at precisely the exact same tent, except you will find far more supply tables. One for bandages, one having"glossy" arrows, and one with multiple runes onto it. You will want to stock up on whatever job you would like to take. The particular jobs are clarified below: RANGER: Get behind the nearby Bush. Your job is to gain information from the Sneaker as to cheap RuneScape gold which shield to shoot. Guards will move in and from the scope, so keep an eye out.