The happened on Wednesday night, and quite honestly, considering the way COVID-19 has impacted the development of NBA 2K21 and the league, '' I didn't expect to see the rookies added into the match until next month. The entire draft class was added to the appropriate teams, as well as the transactions that were made official with the league had been updated.

2K also smartly utilized the scans from the rookies it utilized in MyTeam to get NBA 2K20 and included a few more to add a little authenticity to the upgrade. Obviously, as a result of COVID-19, 2K was unable to scan every player. However, the developers did do a fairly good job using their own create-a-player suite to fill in the gaps because of the rookies they had been unable to scan.

Amongst the first raft of super glistening titles to become even more super and shiny, NBA 2K21 has been upgraded for the brand new generation of consoles. Visual Concept's seminal basketball collection has always pushed the bounds for video-game sports: visually, dramatically, and monetarily, and today they have got a huge number of extra power at their fingertips to push ahead to even greater heights. Honestly, these players are going to be ten feet high and glistening like a diamond by the time they are finished. It is nice to realize that Visual Concepts have put a little effort into NBA 2K21's upgrade as well, moving past a simple buff to the graphics and frame rate, and bringing in new features such as the huge online hub of The City, along with gameplay enhancements to make this feel like a worthy addition to this launch line-up for your Xbox Series X|S and also the PlayStation 5.

I'm sure that those tuning in for this policy do not need an excessive amount of context as to what NBA 2K21 is all about, but for those people searching for something to play in their new consoles here is a brief summary. NBA 2K21 is the premier -- read: just -- basketball encounter you'll discover this season, and while NBA Live has definitely shown willingness in the previous few years, has proven time and again to present a much better rendition of b-ball, even if the shadow of microtransactions is always looming large. From enjoying high-school basketball all the way up into the NBA.

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