Hunters pull and use threat redirection in WoW Classic, crowd control and major long-range damage. Some hunter pets have increased their DPS and also allow special spells such as rebirth and heroism, and help control hatred. They can also track, tame and train animals and beasts found in the wild.

1. Advantages of Classic Hunter

Public utilities

Calm Shot is a spell you will learn from the Book of Silent Shot, which is dropped from MC's Lucifron. This will allow you to eliminate the rage state of certain monsters (such as Magmadar in MC). There are bosses and mobs throughout the game, and they will require you to use Tranquilizing Shot there and weaken it.

Distracted shooting is a long-range taunt that will immediately switch the target to you. You will use it to fly kites in some battles for your group. It can be used to pull hatred from the healer, and if fast enough, pets can taunt it. There are many situational uses of this spell, and your team will love to use it.

Unique pet

You can choose to tame pets, which will help you in all situations, which is a powerful advantage. Whether you are robbing some clumsy things to help yourself kill the great elite, or finding a pet with spell damage ability to help you bypass the warrior armor. In some cases, you will use many pets.

Single farming Maraudon For Gold

Hunters can be different from other professions, single-race Malawdon Farm. You can pass most mobs but not mobs, you can pull away, run over and reset with suspended animation. In this way, you can run until the last boss without having to fight any trash mobs and then put them in the pet box. Doing this and sell wow classic gold and items can provide some world of warcraft classic gold every hour, and if you are lucky, the fighters may tip you 10-20 grams because one of their BiS items fell from there.

Excellent performance in 1v1 combat

Hunters can usually win most 1v1 victories, and skilled players may even be more skilled players. The hunter has a wealth of CC and utility and a pet, as long as it can stick to the target, they will continue to cause damage. As long as you can learn how to fly a kite, most courses cannot easily beat you in 1v1. Throughout the game, they are still quite powerful for PvP.

2. Weaknesses of the classic hunter:

Blind spot

The blind zone is the distance where the player has little or no choice to take any action against the hostile target. It is between 5 and 8 yards. Within 5 yards or less, players can use melee skills to attack and use. Players can launch long-range weapons at a distance of 8 yards or more. The hunter can't move and shoot at the same time in the classic game, which means you can't move and shoot at will. Profession such as mage allows you to slow down and stay in this dead zone, so that you can only fight melee or not attack at all. Unfortunately, sometimes the options for leaving the dead zone are limited.

Hurt is not the best

You need some mechanics and provide decent DPS, but usually, only a few hunters will form your group of 40, because you only need a few mechanics at most, and other DPS require more. As the patch progresses, this DPS gap will only become larger. But hunters are not a purely damage class, they are very tactical, and I will not stop you from participating in the game based on this.


You must always make sure that you have some qualifications for being a hunter. If you have ever been out of the world, even worse in a dungeon, raid, or PvP instance, and find yourself out of ammunition, then you may be in trouble. A hunter without ammunition is a thief without a dagger. Many of your functions will be unavailable, and your DPS will be greatly reduced. You will have to return to the city or town and buy some ammunition, otherwise it will become a big obstacle.

You must also take care of your pets. You will need to feed it and make sure it is happy to make it play the most destructive effect. You need to get the right type of food. If you don't feed enough food, it will become weak or even out of control. A happy, full pet is a strong pet.