The game is not bad, but there are some things to be cautious about. Over time, the priest will be hurt, and they will continue to deepen the Shadow Word: Pain to prevent you from tying the bandage.

They will immediately cast AoE Fear Mind Scream, which will affect you and your pets. They have a strong ability to recover and absorb shields. If you set the trap time incorrectly, it will absorb most of your damage.

Fortunately, they cannot disperse your Viper Sting, which means that immediately applying a Viper Sting and keeping the priest’s mana drain is the key to this battle. Remember, although this spell does not cause damage, it will cancel your CC when the mana cost disappears.

To set up a trap, you may scream in the mind of the priest. You can shoot from a place 10 yards away and run into the trap safely, but this requires a lot of attention. When you wait for the priest's Power Word: Shield to disappear, you try to lure them into the traps you set up, freeze them, and release all your damage combo skills.

You can also use duress or iron grenade (if you have one), because your aim shot will get another 3 seconds of unshielded damage, allowing you to make multiple shots and possibly use automatic shots. Use power word again at the priest: Before the shield.

Another strategy is to wait until Shadow Word: Pain has about 5 seconds left, and then use the trap. This will give you enough time to wrap the bandage when the priest is under control, and then you can perform the main damage combination.


Priest possesses dispelling magic, which can eliminate Concussion Shot and Hunter's Mark. If I want to make the most of shock shooting, I usually use the Hunter's Mark first, hoping that when I fly the kite, the priest will disperse it first.

Try to stay away from 9 yards, so as not to cause screaming. You can still place traps, but after placing traps, you need to be very good in distance and get close to the traps as quickly as possible.

Coercion or iron grenades can prevent the priest from adding a shield when being cast multiple shots or targeted shots, which helps you exert more pressure. If the timing is correct, you can also use them to interrupt the recovery.

Quick Shadow Reflector can be used to reflect Mind Blast and Shadow Word: Pain, but if the effect is good, they can eliminate Shadow Word: Pain.

Use trinkets for fainting.

Correctly time the time of the Viper's sting so that it does not cross and destroy the set of traps.

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