With the introduction of Covenants in WoW Shadowlands, it is important to understand which covenants are best for your class or expertise, because each covenant has different advantages and disadvantages.

The four covenants—Kyrian, Night Fae, Necrolord, and Venthyr—all have different powers through general covenant abilities, class-specific abilities, and channels, which can define the style of the game. The following are the best covenants for each class in World of Warcraft.

Night Fae is better than other Star Alliance options in PvP or PvE. The cooldown of Shifting Power, a class-specific covenant skill, has been reduced. By reducing the cooldown of your main skills (such as burning, arcane energy, or cold veins), you can burst phases more frequently.

So far, Kyrian is the best choice for any specialization you play as a Paladin. The abilities granted by this covenant allow you to obtain a large amount of burst damage, burst healing, or additional survivability as needed. Venthyr came in second because it was able to cause more damage through Ashen Hallow, and Night Fae and Necrolord should not be selected together.

For DPS specifications, Venthyr or Night Fae are the best covenants because they have the ability to condemn and ancient aftershocks, which allows you to be deadly in dungeons or raids and top the damage rankings. In PvP, Venthyr is the best choice, because the additional damage of condemnation allows you to quickly kill weak targets. If you are playing protection, Kyrian or Necrolord are better choices in both cases because of their defensive abilities.

Night Fae is the best covenant of all three specializations, because the abilities of the wild spirit have a powerful influence, overshadowing the specific abilities of other covenant classes. The two-minute cooldown can be used to easily pass difficult dungeon or raid phases.

Night Fae is the best covenant for all three specializations because it has a powerful soul bondage that allows you to cause more damage in dungeons and raids. The ability it gives is also a good contact, but other covenant abilities can match the magic night of the warlock. If you don't want to use Night Fae, Kyrian will be a good choice for more defense tools.

Elemental Shaman and Restoration Shaman benefit the most from Necrolord Covenant, while enhancement benefits more from Venthyr because of its outstanding professional abilities. This option applies to PvP and PvE, so if you want to maximize performance, choose these options. Necrolord's long-range specialization is unparalleled, it gains additional tanking from Fleshcraft skills, as well as the powerful class-specific skills in the original wave.

No matter which druid specialization you choose, Faye Night is the best covenant choice in PvP and PvE. Summoning souls is one of the most powerful abilities in the game. It allows you to easily pass difficult stages in dungeons or raids, and in PvP, it can be used to click unknowing enemies with one click. Even if it has been weakened many times, this capability is still unmatched by other covenants.

Night Fae is one of the best choices for this profession, because it can provide you with enhanced abilities through the Holy Covenant, and its profession-specific abilities combined with channels can improve your DPS in PvP and PvE. Movement spells are particularly useful in PvP; if you are caught without a cooldown, you will die quickly.

Kyrian is the best covenant choice, because it has additional maintenance capabilities and powerful job-specific covenant abilities, allowing you to have a fatal outbreak phase. Due to the Fleshcraft ability, the mistweaver can choose Necrolord, but it still benefits from Kyrian like DPS or tank specifications.

Demon Hunter
Since the potion and the powerful conduit increase your tank, Vengeance benefits Kyrian the most. Havoc can benefit from most covenants, and most choose Night Fae to increase your single-target damage.

The priest benefits from all the covenants, depending on the specialization you play. For discipline and shadows, Ventyr is one of the best choices due to Mindgames. This is a class-specific covenant skill that can cause a lot of damage and reverse the healing or damage caused by the target in a few seconds. For the sacred, Necrolord or Night Fae are good choices because their abilities and channels can improve survivability and AoE treatment effects.

Death knight
For Blood, Kyrian is the best covenant because it has many powerful channels to make it harder for you to be killed. For DPS specifications, Necrolord or Ventor is the best choice because of their powerful capabilities and DPS-oriented pipeline.

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