After the fight is finished, your brain armor will probably have turned to fire cape osrs Elemental Balance Armor. This armor has mild melee stats. The spear (or, if you have progressed sufficient through barbarian coaching, hasta) has medium melee stats, also will auto cast spells too.

Return to the Historical Cavern and try to go through this Mithril Door. You will succeed. At the center, the creatures will vanish, and a phantasm appears. The Phantasm has been revealed to be a part of Zaros's soul. He will attack you, inflicting massive harm if you don't have a minumum of one piece of rotten equilibrium armor, or even the weapon.

He utilizes Ancient Magics, including Miasmic, in addition to ranged and a melee attack using a power whip. Defeating him is more of a struggle of wits than most battles you fight. He appears in the center of the stage, does a emote, disappears, starts an assault (in the floor, not at you, so that you can dodge), disappears, repeat and rinse. I will not go into details about what occurs, think of it yourself. If you know what attack is coming, but not where it's going to be you can utilize astrology, however everytime you use astrology to block an attack, your prayer is drained several points.

Additionally, the only real temptations that have impact in here would be the barbarian"mix" potions. But you didn't make him vanish for a little while. Head to the north of the region and there will be a dark crystal there. Smash it and get the heck out of there.

Her bolts could be fired from any crossbow. They hit quickly, faster than karils, and struck harder. In PVP, they could drain the competitor's salvation. Finding these bolts is a rare drop somewhere, and will most likely be extremely full of buy rs07 fire cape prices. Should you get them as a fall, you will receive them in numbers of 2k+ (they are evently distrubed, not in money but in item, around a group ).