Unknowingly, it has arrived in the second half of June, and with the official arrival of summer, Warcraft has also opened the annual Midsummer Festival event, but this event is very interesting, because only the official service and 60 Classic are open. The Midsummer Festival of TBC Classic, but there is no news about the Midsummer Festival of TBC Classic. Isn't it possible that this year's TBC will not open the Midsummer Festival?

Postpone time

Beginning on the 21st, the official Warcraft server opened the annual Midsummer Flame Festival. As a derivative work, Classic and TBC Nostalgia should start this annual festival together, but TBC Nostalgia was not held as scheduled, which made many players feel. After all, it's really strange that a more important game festival will not go online without news, and it is rare for the official to say nothing. After waiting for a day, the official officially released a blue post in response to the question.

"Since World of Warcraft TBC Classic has just opened for three weeks, we have decided to postpone this year's Midsummer Fire Festival. For those slow-paced players, it feels a bit too fast to start the festival now, which makes them feel the need to spend time to upgrade their level (or Upgrade their trumpet level so that they can fully experience Ehorn and other things. But we don’t want to skip a whole year, so we decided to open the TBC Classic Midsummer Flame Festival in the week of July 20, 2021. It will be in 2022. Return to normal time."

The content of the blue post is also very simple, because the opening time of TBC is still short. If the festival is open at this time, it may affect the rhythm of the game, so it is postponed to July 20. The reason is also sufficient, but it is not clear why it is not advanced. The announcement made the players feel insecure for a whole day.

The origin of the Fire Festival

As the original festival of Warcraft, the Midsummer Flame Festival has been with us for many years in the game. However, as time goes by, few people know the origin of the Flame Festival. Everyone only knows that completing tasks during the festival is rewarded, and it is a thoughtful effort. Toys and illusion, then how did the Fire Festival come about?

Long before the activities of the residents of Azeroth to celebrate the coming of summer, the Dark Iron Dwarves had already held the Fire Festival, and the Fire Festival at the time was to please the owner of the Dark Iron Dwarves-Ragnaros, Lord of Fire. However, with the integration of cultures, other residents of Azeroth merged the ceremony celebrating the arrival of summer with the Dark Iron Dwarf’s Fire Festival, which became the current Midsummer Fire Festival. Although most people have forgotten the origin of the festival, the festival The flames above still conveyed the power of Ragnaros.

Worth starting

Although TBC’s Flame Festival has been postponed, its rewards have not changed. The opening period of the festival is not only a good time to WOW TBC Classic Power Leveling, but also the only way to obtain some props. In the Fire Festival of TBC, the recommended items are wand weapons and enchanting drawings. There are some TBC Classic Power Leveling for Sale on z2u site can help you level fast.

During the festival, defeat the king of ice Ahorn in the slave fence to obtain some special equipment items. He will drop purple necklaces, cloaks and the famous staff weapon Ahorn’s Frost Scythe. The shape of the staff is very handsome, and it is definitely a hot spot for transmogrification. At the same time, Ahorn will also drop the enchanting formula Death Frost. The special effects are full and the effect is powerful, so you can't help it.