No, I still don't seem to RuneScape gold have the moment. [continues dialog ] YesI will always help a fellow citizen. Thank you very much, I need you to see my dog while I am out on a trip to Karamja for some distinctive premium dog kibble. So, what do I need to do? To start. . .actually wait , I will go make a list of things I need you to do. *Harold magicly disappears and comes back a few moments later* Here you go, make certain you do them whenever the need to become,'cause there is no sense wasting your own time.

Go upstairs and search a crate to find some"dry kibble" your individual will automaticly state"I don't think she'll want dry food." Walk to Bert's house, down to the bar , back down the road into the Wizard's Guild, and back into the house. In a random point on the walk, Pretzel with visit the setup a fence, you need 5 boards and 15 nails. Use every plank on the ground that is marked and you will wind up using a weapon.

To make a house, you will need 7 planks, two tiles from the wilderness, and 30 claws. Use a board with the nails on your inventory, and you'll get an unroffed dog home. Then utilize a tile onto it and you will have a puppy house.Use it at the fence as well as your personality will put it in the corner of their lawn, the final step to creating a dog house is use a bolt of cloth on it to make a quilt.

You now don't have any clue what to do with them so your character is going to have a dumb conversation with themself about what to do, and will wind up placing the dogs on Pretzel's blanket and will set the puppies onto it and put them into sleep.

You will then finally go hunting with Pretzel from the Feldip Hills hunter area. Bring a bow and approximately ten arows. There'll be geese in the ponds in the region. You'll find a message saying" Pretzel barks at the geese and they start to fly ." Then you'll need to practice your sniping skills and shoot a few geese. Shoot five geese and osrs inferno cape buy pretzel will bring then back for you.