Allied races in World of Warcraft were introduced from the "Battle for Azeroth" expansion. These races provide players with more customization options; however, unlike the classic options, players need to first complete certain achievements to unlock allied races. One of the most popular choices for tribal players is Zandalari Trolls.

World of Warcraft players have been interacting with Zandalari Trolls for some time. In the initial version of the game, players can find the Zandalar tribe in Stranglethorn Vale, and since then, they have continued to participate in the world in almost every expansion pack. Therefore, it makes sense for players to want to create Trolls from the tribe. If you want to unlock Zandalari Trolls, you need to do the following.

How to unlock the Zandalari Trolls Alliance Race

To unlock Zandalari Trolls, you need to complete three different sets of tasks. First, you need to complete all the main story missions of Zandalar. The area is located on an island near the South Bank. If you have never been to Battle for Azeroth before, you should be able to talk to Sylvanas in Orgrimmar and then be sent to the area.

From there, you need to complete the main tasks in each area. For Zandalar, there are 3 areas, and each area has a chain of seven chapters that you need to complete. After completion, you need to go to Dazaro City and complete the mission called the Blood Gate.

At the end, you will get the last mission chain called The Final Seal. This will not start before you finish everything else, and it can also be found in Dazaro. It should take about five hours to complete all of this.

Tribal war campaign and recruitment of Zandalari Trolls

The next thing you need to do is to go to the beginning of the tribal war campaign. Conveniently, it also starts from Dazaro. You need to be over level 35 to start this operation, but you should be there by now.

Fortunately, if you don’t want to, you don’t need to complete the entire campaign. You only need to complete the first two parts of this journey to unlock Zandalari Trolls. This means that you only need to complete the task under the section called Preparing for War and Tides of Vengeance.

It will take another two or three hours to do so. Then, you are ready to go to the Orgrimmar Embassy on the southwest side of the city. You will be asked to complete 17 tasks in this chain, and you can only start it when you are 50 or above.

It only takes about 30 minutes to an hour to complete the last step of this process. After everything is over, you can finally make your own Zandalari.

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