Ones to Watch cards are extremely popular, especially at the start of a new season of FIFA, and will play an important role throughout the entire FIFA Ultimate Team season of play. This is no exception in FIFA 21, where OTW is unquestionably the most sought-after special card, making it an excellent investment of your FIFA 21 coins. Who is most likely to be included in the first wave of FIFA 21 Online Tournament of Champions? We'll show you which major summer transfers are likely to be included in the FUT 21 Ones To Watch roster this season.

Predictions for the FIFA 21 Ones to Watch
Whenever a new part of FIFA 21 Coins is released, EA Sports always releases a bundle of Ones To Watch cards to promote it. Only players who have changed clubs in the most recent transfer window and are therefore subject to additional scrutiny are taken into consideration for this ranking.

The coronavirus pandemic has also caused a lot of confusion in the world of football. As is customary, the summer transfer window will not close on August 31 as is done in previous years, but rather at the beginning of October. So while we can still expect some transfers to take place in the summer of 2020, we want to take a look ahead to possible OTW cards in FIFA 21.

FIFA 21's Confirmed Ones to Keep an Eye On Cards
Timo Werner has transferred from RB Leipzig to FC Chelsea.

Timo Werner is the first official Overwatch player to be announced by EA Sports, who did so through an advertisement that appeared on the popular social media network Instagram. From the start of next season, the German international striker hopes to create a sensation in the Premier League. The fact that EA Sports will not give him an OTW card is incredible!

Predictions for potential OTW players in FIFA 21 (based on confirmed transfers from the 2020 summer transfer window)
Leroy Sané has transferred from Manchester City to FC Bayern Munich.

While Timo Werner is no longer a member of the Bundesliga, another offensive player has returned to the German parliament. Leroy Sané will be sprinting around the field for Bayern Munich and could end up being a highly sought-after player in FIFA 21.

Miralem Pjanic has transferred from Juventus Turin to FC Barcelona.

Miralem Pjanic, it must be said, is beginning to show his age. EA Sports previously restricted the distribution of OTW cards to players under the age of 30, but this restriction has been relaxed in cheap FIFA 21 Coins. As a result, it's possible that the 30-year-old Pjanic will be one of the players to keep an eye on in FUT 21.

Hakim Ziyech (from Ajax Amsterdam to Chelsea FC) is a midfielder.

Hakim Ziyech had a successful season with Ajax Amsterdam in the Champions League last season, only to be eliminated in the semifinals against Tottenham Hotspur. The Moroccan will then move to the Premier League, where he will provide Timo Werner with templates for the upcoming season a year after joining the club. We can definitely rely on an OTW card in this situation as well.

Victor Osimhen (OSC Lille to SSC Napoli) is a French pilot.

Victor Osimhen is said to have received a whopping 70 million euros from SSC Napoli, according to reports. During the preseason, the Nigerian forward scored 13 goals for Lille OSC. In 2017, Osimhen moved to VfL Wolfsburg, but he was dissatisfied with the club and left for RSC Charleroi after a year and a half of unsuccessful attempts there. In the event that Osimhen is awarded an OTW card, FIFA gamers can expect a quick and powerful attacker.

Nathan Aké has joined Manchester City from Bournemouth AFC.

Nathan Aké provides Pep Guardiola with a central defender who has already demonstrated that he is capable of competing in the Premier League. Manchester City paid approximately 45 million euros for the defender, who had previously excelled at AFC Bournemouth and who also impressed during the build-up to the game itself.

Thomas Meunier (from Paris Saint-Germain to Borussia Dortmund) is a French professional footballer.

Borussia Dortmund signed Thomas Meunier as a replacement for Achraf Hakimi in the right-back position after the departure of the former Borussia Dortmund player. Can the Belgian make an impression at BVB?

Achraf Hakimi (Borussia Dortmund / Real Madrid / Inter Milan) has signed a contract with the Italian club.

Achraf Hakimi has decided to leave Borussia Dortmund following the end of his loan. The right-back prefers to play in Serie A in the future, and Inter Milan was willing to transfer 40 million euros to Real Madrid in order to secure his services in the future. A popular full-back in FIFA coins21 for sale due to his speed, Hakimi was already a well-liked player. This will not change with the release of FIFA 21.

Jude Bellingham (Birmingham City to Borussia Dortmund) is a former English footballer.

It will be interesting to see what rating EA gives to the talent at Jude Bellingham as well as at other venues. The Englishman, for whom Borussia Dortmund paid Birmingham City a transfer fee of 23 million euros, will make his debut on FIFA Ultimate Team for the first time in November. To date, the 17-year-old has not received a single FIFA Ultimate Team card.

Ferran Torres has transferred from Valencia CF to Manchester City.

This summer, Manchester City signed Ferran Torres, a fantastic Spanish player with a lot of potential. We're looking forward to seeing what EA Sports has to say about the right winger. During the preseason for Valencia CF, the 20-year-old scored four goals and added five assists to his total.