FIFA 21 and PES 2021 are the latest soccer simulators released by EA Sports and Konami respectively. These games are suitable for Playstation 4 (PS4), Xbox one and PC (origin's FIFA 21 and steam's PES 2021), and there are some similarities between them. However, in recent years, compared with its competitors, FIFA has attracted more and more attention in terms of game playing methods and functions.

The football Volta model, exclusive League and women's football make PES 2121 inferior to its competitors. Please refer to the following five aspects that PES does not have and why they make FIFA stand out. Here we are bringing five advantages of PES 2021 over FIFA 21.

1. Football guard

Futebol Volta is launched in FIFA 21 for those who want to play. Game mode transformed the old FIFA Street, EA Sports street football champion title. Now it's part of a single game, futebol Volta has 3 x 3 goalless games, 5 x 5, futebol style and so on. In addition, you can choose a real team like Real Madrid or Paris Saint Germain to play which cost the amount of FIFA coins 21. In Volta mode, dribbling and acrobatic pitching are released, and the more beautiful the goal, the better. PES has never had any game mode or mode similar to that proposed by the new FIFA Street.

2. Partner club

Compared with competitors, another very important asset of PES 2021 is the agreement with the club. Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Manchester United and Juve are the official partners of the game and are promoting the game, including the cover. The Italian team is even exclusive to the kolome champions. In addition to those mentioned above, PES 2021 has established partnerships with Arsenal, Milan, Monaco, Inter Milan, riverbed, Boca Juniors, Palmeras, Sao Paulo, Corinthians, flamenco and the University of Peru. In total, more than 25 teams have reached some kind of specific agreement with the game.

3. Professional commentator

Milton Leite is another difference between PES 2021 and its competitors. After 30 years as a commentator at sporting events, he finally stood out from FIFA commentator Tiago leffert. Although it's a matter of personal taste, PES chose a professional commentator, while his opponent chose a new person to play the role. Milton Leite even lent his voice to a football match for the first time in 1999, at FIFA. Since FIFA 13, reporter and host Tiago Leifert has been explaining in the digital world. Narrator Milton Leite has been working on Konami's game for three years.

4. Ace player who used to coach in the masters league

Masters league is one of the resources that sanctify PES for many years. In order to remain attractive, klome has added the details of the mode to each version of the game. In the latest version, one of the differences between the masters league and the ultimate team (FIFA equivalent) is that former players can be hired as coaches. In addition to international stars such as Maradona, John Cruyff, Ludwig Gullit and losamatus, there are Brazilians on the list. Former players Zico, Romario, berberto and Roberto Carlos are all on the list of celebrities working with kolome. They all have facial scans that can be used to coach teams in the masters league and in trials.

5. PES 2121 simplified version

The kolome released the December 2021 PES compact version, a free version of the game. Available for PS4, Xbox one and PC (steam), the game has 13 clubs, including Barcelona, Manchester United, Arsenal and Brazilians such as Corinthians, flamenco and Palmeras. In addition, titles have offline local competitions and online modes, such as matchday. This is one of the main attractions of PES compared to its competitor FIFA, which has only a free version of the mobile phone. Learn how to download PES 2021 Lite for free on PC (steam), PS4 and Xbox one.