Just like our own hair, dirt and dust collect in Clip In Extensions. However, Clip In Extensions require a slightly different care than our own hair. Fortunately, this is much easier, as Clip In Extensions, for example, do not have to be washed as often as our own hair. With the following instructions you have the possibility to optimally maintain your extensions and to extend their wearing and service life even further.

1. Don't wash your Clip In Extensions daily, only when they smell (in most cases wear after 10-20 times) or when they seem heavy. In contrast to our own hair, extensions do not get any residue of your own scalp and thus become greasy less quickly.

2. Comb the hair properly before washing, especially trying to comb out knots and tangles. If the hair is very tangled, you should use conditioner or some other means to make combing easier. Always use a gentle shampoo or a preparation that is specially designed for sensitive, colored hair.

3. Try to keep the braids dry when washing to protect the joints. The adhesive processed there could dissolve after rinsing and the hair could then fall out more strongly.

4. Slightly dampen the hair when washing it with warm water. Massage a small amount of shampoo into the tips of the human hair from top to bottom. Make sure that the hair does not twist or rub. As soon as the hair is clean, rinse it with warm water until only clear water runs out of the hair. It's best to use a sulfate-free shampoo.

5. Then you can also use a conditioner, so the hair becomes supple and shine. Leave the conditioner on for 3-5 minutes and then rinse it out again with warm water.

6. A hair treatment makes less sense because the hair cannot regenerate. Alternatively, however, you can use hair floss. This is a natural cosmetic and contains fibroin and sericite. Fibroin is a protein that retains the water in the hair and sericite stores the nutrients and smooths the strands.

7. After washing the hair, comb through with your fingers, not with a brush.

8. Then put the hair in a towel to dry. Tie the extensions in a loose ponytail to prevent knots.

9. Blow-drying is not recommended, as this causes the hair to dry out faster and fall out more often.

10. Comb the clip-in extensions every time after removing them to avoid tangles in the long run.